Inner peace is in yourself

It has become a famous saying … everything is better when you have inner peace and this is true.

Unrest is not always wrong, it makes you alert and focused. For example, you get subconscious feeling about somebody up and that may be significantly different than what the eye sees. It can make you think put, you can look more critically at whether those colored glasses off and see the true nature of a person or overlook the situation better. You just have to listen to it, if not, unrest-round rumble in your body and it gives no space to the peace that is within.

The past is the past

By looking at the past, you become wiser in the future … that’s quite true. Learn from your mistakes is good, but keep walking around with it from the perspective that “if you would have it otherwise would have expired done anything else,” is meaningless. Yes, that’s so … but that process you can not change anything. Furthermore, you never know with certainty what the outcome would have been. Put these thoughts next to you, because more times than you can with these thoughts and nothing will block you rather than them forward.


It is not easy for everyone, but if you assume positivity may also help that the unrest slowly dissolve. Check the glass and you think or “Shit, half already” or “Yes, I have half a glass” … in the latter look more at the positive side of life and gives a lighter feel. If you do not have it naturally, then you have to train and actually that is not more than regularly to remind yourself there. Recognize your negative thoughts and talk to yourself there. Furthermore, additional focus on the beautiful and fun things even pre order to develop a more positive image. Do good for yourself and others, this feels good.

Follow your heart

Whether you do it professionally or from the private sphere, that does not matter. But it’s important to do what is close to your heart, where you heart opens. Undertake business, because the activity is good for you … and if it still can be in a creative form, then explain your feelings in a creative form and contributes to giving space to rest in you.


Not everyone can put to himself, but a moment of meditation can also help you further. During meditation, you give your mind as a place and during meditation you take more or less distance and therefore you create space. Do this regularly and you will notice in time that it helps you.