Irish Christmas Traditions and Customs

Ireland is a magic state, full of folklore and custom dating back many years. Christmas in Ireland is a particularly charming season. Many Irish Christmas traditions have made their way and have become area of the Christmas party of several nationalities American Christmas customs.

One beloved Irish Christmas tradition is that of the Christmas plum pudding. The original Irish Christmas plum pudding has had modest beginnings. Plum pudding was initially a porridge flavored with bits of fish or left over meat, thickened with bread crumbs and bound together with eggs, fruit and spices. During the Tudor and Stuart period in England, dried prunes were added to the pudding mixture. Finally becoming plum pudding that is called.

Another common Christmas custom is the candle window. The setting of a lighted candle in the window of a home on Christmas Eve continues to be practiced now and is now an American Christmas convention at the same time. The candle has several functions. Among its own primary meanings is welcoming symbol to Joseph and Mary as they traveled looking for shelter. The candle additionally suggested a spot that was safe for Catholic priests when Catholic majorities are not permitted to do mass throughout the penal times. A different element of the convention is the candle ought to be lit from the youngest person in your family and really should simply be extinguished by means of a girl. You can visit to know more Irish gift ideas.

In Ireland observing the Feast Day of St. Stephen’s is generally accompanied with the Wren Son Procession. Know as the Wren’s Day is a national holiday.

During Penal times there was a plot in a hamlet from the soldiers that are neighborhood. The soldiers were besieged and going to be ambushed when a flock of wrens pecked their drums and awakened them to defend themselves. The scheme failed and the wren became known as the “Devil’s Fowl”.

On Saint Stephen’s Day a procession occurs where post using a holly bush is taken from house to house and families dress up in old garments with blackened faces. On the post a real wren bird was killed and put in olden days. This custom has mostly vanished but the convention of visiting from house to house on St. Stephen’s has endured and is a big section of the Irish Christmas party now.

Last but not least a wonderful Irish Christmas custom which hasn’t made its way to the states is called “Women’s Christmas”. In Ireland the Feast of the Epiphany, is when the Irish finish celebrating Christmas. Convention has it that girls get the guys of your home as well as the day off get to do the housework, cooking and take the Christmas decorations down.