The Religious Symbols of Animals

The best symbols are still found in the animal world.  In the past, animals were seen as the incarnation of gods. As a bridge between the world and heaven, Gods Messengers, animals represent instinct, emotion and are the closest to heaven and therefore perhaps even in hell.  Animals represent peace, love, kindness, kings, ‘evil’ and much more.


The eagle is the symbol of the Christian church apostle John. The eagle is above the ruler, the mighty and the royal, as the lion on the ground the eagle in the sky. In almost all cultures associated with the strong, but also with war and violence. In Celtic culture is the bird of nobility but also for the dead. Even when the Romans had an association with death when a deceased emperor was allowed an eagle ‘fly to heaven. ” The soul would be so fly up to the gods. With the Indians the link was much less, the eagle represents power, a strong symbol.


Symbol of love, kindness and intelligence. Dolphins carry gods are saviors of the people. The dolphin also symbolizes Christ as Redeemer and Savior. The symbol with three dolphins in a circle represents the Trinity.


The pigeon is at all times and cultures a lovable character. Stands for peace, innocence, for kindness and love. In mainly Christian culture he is the soul of a deceased person, a fly away dove is a symbol of the soul that continues. A dove or a palm olive branch in its beak, he stands for peace. For love is a white dove, released at a wedding.


Faithful and vigilant, which everyone can invent such a symbol. According to the Egyptians and Greeks dogs lived with people in the afterlife. Because dogs stand for loyalty, they were in the past also buried with their owners and acted as sacrificial animal.


Strong character in the Christian world. The Lamb of God who carries the sins of the world. Symbol for John the Baptist and Abel. Also symbol for purity, innocence, hope, humility and patience. Perhaps one of the most positive symbols that we know in the Western world.


The symbol of the fish is derived from the Greek word for fish. But fish are also a symbol of fertility and love. The fish is also a symbol of the goddess mother. Fish live in the (deep) sea and therefore symbolize the unconscious and thus creativity.


The sign just to finish. Symbol of eternal loyalty. Swans in virtually all culture a symbol of love, wisdom, power, elegance and harmony. There is no better symbol to close it.