Why the Bible is a special and unique book

The Bible is often seen and addressed as a single book. But in fact it is a composite work consisting of 66 different books. This also comes from the name Bible. This is in fact derived from the Latin biblia, which means library. The first book is Genesis, and the last is called Revelation. The Bible is divided into two parts: The Old Testament (39 books) and the New Testament (27 books). The remarkable thing is that all these books connect well with each other and jointly tell one message.


All the books of the Bible were written by quite a number of different authors. In total, all the books attributed to about 40 people. Not only that is already a considerable number of those 40 people also have very different backgrounds. So you will find include a prophet (Isaiah), a fisherman (John), a tent maker (Paul), a shepherd (Moses), a doctor (Luke) and a priest (Ezra) to. In all those books you see other styles of writing back.


All the books of the Bible were written over a period of sun 1500 years. That is an enormous period. You realize that you especially when you consider that the average person is not even a hundred years. So the Bible has come about in a half millennium and yet forms a coherent whole. The period described in the Bible is even longer: that spans more than 3000 years.


The Bible is written in three languages. The Old Testament is mostly written in Hebrew, which is a piece of Aramaic. These two are among the so-called Semitic languages. The New Testament is written in Koine Greek. This is an ancient form of Greek until the 4th century.


The impressive part is that the Bible is telling the same message from beginning to end. Broadly speaking, the Bible books are arranged chronologically, so that it is soon seen as a history book. But the Bible is much more than that. Christians see the Bible as the Word of God, and within Christianity, Jesus is the central figure. When you study the Bible, you will see that there is a clear red line to see the coming of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. And it applies that is sometimes hidden a lot of information in the details, basically a study of the Bible is never completely finished.

The Bible, especially in the West, also had a major impact on the lives, attitudes and society. If we look at language (words, proverbs), art (paintings, sculptures), law, philosophy and social life, then we see there plenty of things that can be traced back to the Bible.